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T - Teaching for ultimate knowledge
R - Research for searching souls
U - Unleashing the true potential within
B - Boundless efforts
A - Autualization of Self
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TRUBA Institute of information technology and science engaged in carrying out the quality education in field of technological development. It imparts training to students so that they become competent and motivated engineers. The Institute celebrates freedom of thoughts, cultivates human values and concern for the environment and the society.

                                                The Institute awards Bachelors degree in various branches of technology and science. It also awards masters degree in branch of Computer Science and Electronic & Communication. It has been making special efforts to recruit talented faculty and to create global technocrats. The institute has about 3000 undergraduate students and post graduate students. The institute has 500 faculty and supporting staff.

                                                The institute is committed to create a world class technical education system is a vision and mission.

Vision: - To make one of the “Leading Rights” in technology in India.

Mission: - to create world-class national & Global Technical Man Power.